Just A Beginning

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This is not the end, but just a beginning. Blogging in WordPress will come to an end for now. Take care my friends.


Sweet Delights

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A simple “let’s hang out!” comment in Facebook turned into a small cozy gathering of four. Environments changed, experience gained, we all have entered a different phase of life. No longer as pampered students we have to face the difficulties of working life. However, I see that we are all managing well, and I appeared to be the only one who is doing something entirely unrelated to what I have studied. Nevertheless, I am enjoying what I do, or most of it.


Chocolate Banana from Fruit Paradise (Orchard Central)

Burdeu Reminiscence

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Photo from The Fashion Model Directory

Alice Burdeu looks awesome in this Valentino. The color matching looks perfect without portraying an obvious vintage feel. Try covering the red leggings with your hand and then remove it, you will see how different it is with and without the red element. This picture has certainly caught my attention. What about you?


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I was introduced to this fantastic magazine from Australia called “Frankie”. It can be found at BooksActually (one at Cineleisure, the other at Club Street). Definitely not the typical glossy fashion bible, but more to a fun-to-read Monocle-styled magazine. Articles flaunting its vulgarities, that is engaging enough to me, making it more personal, more relatable. Yes I am a vulgar person. I say “fuck” in front of my boss. I ain’t no saint.

Get one copy, and be entertained.


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No time to laze around. Get to work! Amazing 70’s spread in Nu You magazine (November Issue).

Eating Pleasure

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The diverse range of food in this country has people like me indulging in simple, traditional Asian dishes to a more aesthetically inclined extent of cuisines, which some may call it snobbish food. One does not truly enjoy food when it is limited to just one type. “I eat only hawker food”, “I only go to a restaurant”, or “Fast-food is like my lifestyle”, then it becomes a lopsided eating habit.

Sachet tea, instant coffee, or a cup of delicately brewed coffee from Goodwood Park Hotel? What is more important is the chance (and choice) to experience the different kinds of food out there, than just stick to one.

An editor from Frankie magazine wrote a column called “fuck you, food snobs!”, which was interesting because the way people discuss about food has become irritating, to a point that the author created a world of “Who Gives A Fuck” for himself. He blamed Jamie Oliver for his righteous crusade against chicken nuggets, and called him a fat-headed, slobbery-lipped cockney gargoyle. I guess what he is trying to say, is that there is nothing wrong with eating frozen pizza or oven chips. He does not really gives a fuck to what people eat, really.

To me, there is always a diversified spectrum of food. And it is the importance of appreciation that will differentiate one from the snobs and the junks.


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Farewell to Cameron Highlands, it was a chilling three days up in the mountains.